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"I'm proud of you."

I called James tonight to tell him that I am proud of myself for not drinking when I had the opportunity. I got his voicemail. He ended up calling me back and didn't really say much about my abstinence until I brought it up and even then he didn't seem to animated and lively about it. We are going to get together tomorrow and watch a movie...I am not sure what it is, but he says it is a good one. So, we hung up and I continued watching Titanic with Trina...

A couple minutes later, my phone rings again and I see that it is James. I answer it and he says in a voice more clear than he used in our previous conversation "I'm proud of you." I didn't really know what to say so I just said "yeah" as if it was a question. He said it again. "I am proud of you. For not drinking." So, I thanked him and then there was one of those famous silences where neither of us is sure what to say before the goodbye. We both chuckled and I said "bye" as he said "night" ... how sweet ... I can't wait until tomorrow when we watch the movie.


PS- For the record, I have been sober now for over a month :)
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