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out of control

Life in Manton always has a low rating on the 'fun scale'...usually about a 3, Manton has jumped to about a 4-wahoo. With nearly every delicious batch of muffins baked, there is always one or two that end up sticking to the pan, getting burnt, or simply sucking in general. Life as of recently is no exception. There has been quite a number of social events that in a hell-hole like this can be construed as fun. Partys, open houses, days at the lake, and other events have helped to pass the time effectively. I have no major complaints except the following:

-It seems that all the people that I have not been in a relationship with are getting married. For example, the first boy that I ever had a crush on is getting married this July. Other people who similarly do not know my past or present feelings for them are following suit.

-I continued to make piss-poor decisions. These decisions include partying with a group of people that if, by some chance, we were all to die or get put in jail, I would NOT like to share a cell or my afterlife with.

On a completely different track, my birthday is rapidly approaching. I don't anticipate a lot of people remembering, but I trust that the people who do will make it a memorable 18th birthday. On my birthday, I am planning to get my nose pierced. It should be a good time. No matter how much I hate myself for caring whether or not he remembers, I will be crushed if James doesn't give me a call and wish me a wonderful day.

Well, I guess there is really nothing else of substance that I should make note of, so...
Peace out, my peeps.
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