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GI A-Dub

Hung out tonight with Holly and Trina...
We ended up going to Adam's apartment-he got back from basic training last night. Let me just put it out there: when there is a group of guys (one being a soldier) being drunk fools, conversations can get weird. Some of my favorite quotes of the night include things like:
"They ain't afraid to strap a 2,000 pound bomb to a baby."
"There is an 83% chance of coming home from Iraq disabled...that only gives me a 13% chance that I will come home walking" (Do the math-what about the other 4%?)
"Thats what I learned in plumbing school...in the army."
"When a 'towel head' has a cell phone-then you gotta worry."
And then there is my favorite one:
"They'll strap a baby to a tree." (I don't really know where this was going but Damen insisted that this was a fact and somehow a threat to national security.)

Adam was, at one point, telling a story about when he called some girl that was spreading lies about him...I don't really know how the story started or why it came up, but when he called her number (he couldn't identify it when he saw it on his caller ID) they asked who it was and he said "This is A-Dub-who the fuck is this?" The expression on his face as he was telling the story was priceless. If it can be captured in a phrase, I think that the phrase would be 'I am a badass motha...and slightly curious as to whom I am speaking to'.

The only part of the night that made me feel any sort of emotion for him was when he told the story about his two little daughters. I guess the mother of his kids didn't want him to contact him, but then he called her in hopes that he could, despite her hate for him. Long story short-she realized that he is a 'changed man' and let him talk to the girls. He talked about how big they are getting and how they are so sweet. The eldest (10) is the self proclaimed "Queen of Talking" and the youngest (4) is shy. His face lit up when he told us about them. My favorite part of the story involved him reciting the conversation with his youngest daughter. It went something like: "I love you." (silence from his daughter) "I love you." (silence) "Are you smiling?" "Yes! I love you daddy!" He even did the little girl voice.

I will leave you with this thought:
They ain't afraid to strap a 2,000 pound bomb to a baby...
Learn it. Remember it. Live by it.
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